Pandora provides free, personalized radio that plays music catered to you. We won the university-wide challenge they sponsored.


The Pandora Design Challenge was a week-long design challenge that was open to all U-M students interested in the intersection of music, business, and technology.

We were to design a go-to market plan for an emerging artist, Daniel Passino, a student at the University of Michigan and Top 10 on NBC’s The Voice.

Our go-to market plan needed to leverage all available artist data, trends, and reports, provided by Pandora. They challenged us to embrace innovative music distribution strategies, new products and partnerships, data science, events, branding, licensing opportunities, digital marketing platforms, and growth hacking strategies.

Our Submission

I worked on the challenge with my friend Prashant Toteja. Together, we created a market strategy for Daniel that included using automation hacks, social media plans, taking advantage of Spotify’s Discover Weekly algorithm, and much more. We also created him a website and a logo.

Thanks to the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan, Pandora, and Real Industry, Prashant and I were able to travel to New York for 3 days to visit the office of Pandora, meet the executives, and be there for the unveiling of Pandora Premium. We were able to learn about content licensing, data and user targeting, and the music industry as a whole. It was an incredible experience that included a UK themed concert with Bishop Briggs, the 1975, and Bastille, data and content licensing workshops with experts, and lunch with Pandora’s president and CFO, Mike Herring.