Prism is the epic adventure of two brothers, Riff and Biff. With their dimension collapsing, they must get to the escape pod, collect energy fuel along the way, and catch up with their people!



The different types of blocks are a result of the dimensional collapse of Biff and Riff’s world. Each color denotes a different function and the player learns how to get past each type and eventually get to the escape pod. The game consists of 100 levels, each with a different strategy or lesson to advance the player to the next stage. The first 50 levels consist of 5 levels per block. Once the player gets through those, the next 50 levels are a combination of the different blocks.

Immoveable Structures

Free falls from above

Shoots in at high speeds

Shoots in from above

Random action on contact

Free falls on contact

Immoveable and spinning

Duplicates on contact

Immoveable, patterned motions

Death on contact

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