UberLINK is a feature proposal that lets you pick up friends along the way. I designed this as part of my Uber KPCB application.


One of my biggest pain points as an Uber user has been the lack of functionality supporting multiple stops during your ride. I have encountered this many times, whether it was picking up friends or grabbing something quickly I had forgotten at home. The current solution for riders is to communicate their plan with the driver, while keeping the destination the same. However, this proves problematic when the driver needs a different set of directions and when trying to split fares. This was an opportunity for me to showcase a concept idea through visual and interactive design. I kept the overall aesthetic very similar to the existing Uber app because I want to show the viewer what it could look like if this feature was actually implemented.

With UberLINK, you can add stops or people to your ride. Your ride will be optimized with the shortest route to each stop. When you pick people up, the fare is automatically split with them.

Request a Link

Swipe over to call a Link. The cost of the ride will vary depending on how many people you pick up and how long each pick–up takes.

Enjoy the ride

You’ve picked up everyone and are headed for your destination. Relax with your friends and get excited for the night ahead.

The trip is always better together

Choose who to pick up

Access your contacts and choose who you want to pick up. You can choose up to 3 other passengers for an uberX or up to 5 passengers for an uberXL.

Split fares automatically

Don‘t worry about splitting the fare. UberLink will automatically split the cost between you and your friends accordingly.